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    Partnering with LRI

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For nearly 13 years, LRI has provided CDL drivers and on-site management at our site in New Jersey. Their people have become an integral part of our day-to-day activities. We have found LRI to be a valuable partner in productivity and safety.

K. Granstrom – UPS Mail Innovations


Over the past 10 years, LRI has allowed our company to respond to dynamic, order-driven demand in a consistent, reliable manner. It helps greatly to have a partner who makes the effort to understand our business.

P. Rhodes – B. F. Rich Co., Inc.


LRI has provided qualified, professional CDL drivers to my company for many years. Their service has allowed us to expand into new markets without the worry of attracting highly qualified drivers. In addition, LRI Ground provides the ability to respond to my customers quickly with their Same Day and Next Day delivery service on their fleet.

S. O’Day – George O’Day’s Inc.