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For more than a decade, LRI has been providing highly qualified logistics talent to companies in a variety of industries. LRI’s focus is on sourcing the very best Logistics Management, CDL Drivers, On-Site Supervisors and other required talent to enhance the movement of our clients’ products through the physical supply chain. We have earned a solid reputation as our clients’ partner in risk management and productivity. LRI's Fleet Personnel practice engages at a number of levels including:


LRI allows you to outsource some or all of the staff and support associated with operating a private commercial truck fleet. We provide logistics talent from the strategic (managers, analysts, supervisors) to the tactical (CDL drivers and dispatchers). Under this arrangement, all LRI personnel are subject to LRI’s strict regulatory compliance policies and practices.

Moreover, your company is relieved of the responsibilities associated with this logistics staff such as:Fotolia 24083900 M

 Full Vetting of Credentials and Background
 Wages and Taxes
 Workers Compensation Insurance
 Employee Benefits
 Wage Garnishments
 Unemployment Mediation
 Driver Qualification File Management
 Pre-Employment Drug/Alcohol Testing Requirements
 Random Drug/Alcohol Testing Requirements
 Progressive Discipline and Documentation


LRI allows the option to “try and train” specific LRI employees to the end of identifying the ideal candidate for an employment within our client’s operation. This arrangement allows our client to reduce the financial risk associated with making the wrong hire prematurely.

Upon completion of a predetermined period or other metric, LRI’s client has the option to transition an LRI employee to their payroll and direct control. This commonly results in a very smooth transition of a “known quantity” to the client.


LRI will recruit for its clients (for specific purposes) on a fixed-fee basis if the client desires to directly employ candidates upon discovery and vetting by LRI. This process ensures that our client offers employment to a candidate who has met LRI’s, or client’s stringent standards.

While LRI maintains the highest standards for personnel in the transportation services industry, our clients may have specific requirements which entail differential scrutiny of safety-sensitive employees. We are able to adjust the “filtering” metrics accordingly.


LRI maintains a population of available CDL (Class A and Class B) drivers in a number of markets throughout the United States. We will make these drivers available to our clients on a daily, weekly, monthly or special project basis as you require.

While we do our best to respond to on-demand situations, please understand that qualified CDL drivers are in high demand and lead time is much appreciated.