Background Screenings


The FMCSA requires employers to:

  • Request and retain employee's driving records for the preceding three (3) years within 30 days of hire (49 CFR 391.23).background001
  • Request and review the driving record of each employed driver at least once every twelve (12) months for the purpose of ensuring minimum safe driving requirements (49 CFR 391.25).
  • Impose each driver it employs to:
    • Provide his/her employer a list of any convictions to motor vehicle traffic laws and ordinances (excluding parking violations) and/or any violations that the driver forfeited bond or collateral on account of any violation listed during the preceding twelve (12) months. Otherwise the driver must certify in writing that no violations were received (49 CFR 391.27).

Our consultants will make such inquires to State Agencies and provide you the necessary paperwork to comply with FMCSA regulations.